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Age: 11 years old
Location: qatar

playing badminton-
-ice skating-

Fav. Color
-light blue-
-MC donald-
2 gadgets have?

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My story

My real Name is Louella R. Burlas.I was born on september 17,1996.
in norzagaray bulacan.Obviously my constellation is Virgo
my parents are happy to have me as the only girl in our family
i have a younger sister.but she died after she was born because she is premature.
i have to brothers the oldest named as John Mark R. Burlas and the second one is Nicko R. Burlas
My Father is working in Qatar  Chemical and my Mother is a Housewife.


well, im kinda like a BUTTERFLY!!! a harmless creature who's so much in love with God, an to my family.i do consider things in it's most intense beauty, even for others it's "ugly", but as long as it makes me happy that thing will turn to be beautiful.
i've been to many adventures! i go up, i go down, but still i soar. AND every journeys i travelled i grew stronger and stronger and it makes my reason in life more deeper and deeper.
by the way, maybe you'll wonder why a butterfly like me do not have a colorful wings, right???
well, maybe i dont have a colorful wings to boast for. BUT because of every problems that i face and every emotions that i shattered were SEWN to be my wings, for my future. and i tell you!!! you will see me with my most PRECIOUS WINGS as i fly...

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